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About Pegasus Springs

Like teachers and mentors everywhere, Pegasus of mythology is a helper for heroes. He transports them to new places and is a source of strength—helping them to fulfill their destinies. Wherever the winged horse strikes his hoof, a spring of inspiration bursts forth.

The goal of Pegasus Springs is to be such a facilitator, providing strength and inspiration for heroes to make a transformational difference in the world.

Our mission is to connect and support educators, students and other stakeholders to nurture a learning culture that enables and inspires confidence and leadership in our young people. As a place for meaningful collaboration and transformational learning, we strive to position students to achieve and educators for success.

We seek to build a community of teachers, parents, youth providers and others who share a passion for students, their futures and their well-being. Knowledge is power—and together we have the power to ensure that students, no matter where they live, have the tools and opportunity to achieve their potential. It is what the future needs.

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Craig is co-founder of the Pegasus Springs organizations and Executive Director of the Pegasus Springs Education Collective. During his education career, he has served as a teacher, mentor, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent. He has presented at regional and national conferences, and he is a recipient of the Association for Middle Level Education’s national Distinguished Educator Award.

Lorraine is co-founder of the Pegasus Springs organizations and President of the Pegasus Springs Foundation. She has provided leadership and mentoring to teams around the world, and is listed by STEM Connector on its list of the Top 100 Corporate Women in STEM. As a global executive in the aerospace and security industry, she has been a role model for women in STEM and a champion of diversity and inclusion.


Craig Martin
Executive Director, PSEC

Lorraine M. Martin
President, PSF

Our Partners

Spark & Stitch Institute

Dr. Dave Walsh and his daughter Erin Walsh are committed to sparking greater understanding of why kids need courage and connection to thrive and how to foster it in the digital age.

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School Reform Initiative

SRI creates transformational learning communities, fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

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Disney YES!

The Disney Youth Education Series sparks creativity and unlocks the potential within students using the power of Disney storytelling and the magic of Disney parks.

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National Teachers Hall of Fame

The National Teachers Hall of Fame (NTHF) is a non-profit organization that honors exceptional school teachers.

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Pegasus Springs Foundation

Pegasus Springs Foundation is the funding arm of the Pegasus Springs organizations.

Its mission is to fund and facilitate programs that support the ongoing learning, leadership, social-emotional health, and overall well-being of our nation’s students. And as such, Pegasus Springs Foundation also works to support the ongoing learning, development, and leadership of educators, counselors, and other youth mentors.