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Our Mission

The mission of Pegasus Springs Education Collective is to transform education to more equitably engage all students in their learning and to better align with expectations for the 21st century. By connecting educators, students, and parents—and by supporting opportunities for collaboration and learning, our goal is to support change that positively impacts our schools, our communities, and our nation.

The Pegasus Story

Like teachers and mentors everywhere, the Pegasus of mythology is a helper. By transporting a hero to new places or providing an additional source of strength, the Pegasus of myth ultimately helps others fulfill a mission.

And according to legend, “everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth,” symbolizing a magical place from which one could restore and draw inspiration.

The goal of Pegasus Springs is to be such a helper—and, like the springs of legend, to provide the strength and support for others to make a transformational difference in the world.



Photo of Pegasus Springs Education Collective Craig Martin

Craig is co-founder of the Pegasus Springs organizations and Executive Director of the Pegasus Springs Education Collective. During his education career, he has served as a teacher, mentor, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent. He has presented at regional and national conferences, and he is a recipient of the Association for Middle Level Education’s national Distinguished Educator Award.

Photo of Lorraine Martin of Pegasus Springs Education Collective

Lorraine is co-founder of the Pegasus Springs organizations and President of the Pegasus Springs Foundation. She has provided leadership and mentoring to teams around the world, and is listed by STEM Connector on its list of the Top 100 Corporate Women in STEM. As a global executive in the aerospace and security industry, she has been a role model for women in STEM and a champion of diversity and inclusion.

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Annual Report

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Thank you for all your support and for your ongoing dedication to children and commitment to education. Pegasus Springs Education Collective provides collaborative support and learning opportunities for the education community, and we believe by harnessing our collective capacity, we can have an even greater impact in the lives of all children.

Financial donations, of any size, allow us to continue to sponsor engaging programs and learning opportunities for both educators and students, expand our outreach, support and honor teachers, and provide a platform with informative content for a growing educational community. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, donations are tax-deductible, and we appreciate any support you are able to provide.

We look forward to transforming the future of education with your help!

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