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Pegasus Springs provides collaborative learning opportunities that support educators, students, and parents, to make transformational change. We welcome you to join our learning community and add your commitment to our collective efforts.

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Commitment to Equity Institute

The Commitment to Equity Institute is a year-long virtual learning series designed to support educators, students, and community members in achieving racial and educational equity in their schools and districts. Whether institute attendees are new to this work or already have some experience, the goal of the collaborative cohorts is to support all participants in creating brave spaces for doing this transformational work in their learning communities.

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BOLT Leadership Program at Disney

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Group of students at the BOLT leadership program

PSEC Education Summit 2021


Educators collaborating during an Education Summit

Partner Programs

Pegasus Springs seeks to accomplish its mission by also joining with aligned partners to harness our collective expertise and experience.

Please take advantage of these upcoming partner programs!

Venturing Studios

Ghostlight Reflections

A collection of monologues written by students that represent hope and optimism for the future.

Venturing is looking for students in grades 7-College to submit short monologues or scenes to be part of this project.

Students who submit pieces can choose to be the actor during the recording process, or the piece can be performed by another actor.

This project is a great way to positively reflect on 2020 and discover how the unique experiences of this year prepared you for the future. Each topic or idea should be something that represents hope or optimism for the future, even though it was realized during a somewhat “dark” and difficult time.

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Spark & Stitch Institute

Online parenting classes for raising courageous and connected kids.

Logo for online class Why Do They Act That Way

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Logo for Spark & Stitch Institute online class Connected: How to Show Up for Your Kids in the Digital Age

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School Reform Initiative

Leading Powerful Adult Learning Online

October 2020. This virtual learning series is designed for leaders, coaches, or those who are often called upon to facilitate meetings or deliver professional development and need support in designing, implementing and supporting adult learning particularly in virtual learning spaces.

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National Teachers Hall of Fame

National Teachers Hall of Fame Logo

For so many of us, there is a teacher who we will never forget, an outstanding educator who is making, or has made, an extraordinary impact in our lives or the lives of our children. Many of us might also be looking for a way to express our appreciation to these educators for making such a difference in our lives.


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