• Educators gathered in a circle during a Pegasus Springs Education Collective event

    Programs & Events

Pegasus Springs provides collaborative learning opportunities that support educators, students, and parents, to make transformational change. We welcome you to join our learning community and add your commitment to our collective efforts.

Events at Disney for Educators and Students

BOLT Student Voice Program at Disney

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Education Summit 2022 at Walt Disney World® Resort

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Partner Programs

Pegasus Springs seeks to accomplish its mission by also joining with aligned partners to harness our collective expertise and experience.

Please take advantage of the programs that each of our partners offer!

Venturing Studios

Venturing Theatricals & Studios was created to fill a void within our community. So many students were heading off to college pursuing careers in the arts without ever experiencing a true production process. And so, Venturing created a summer musical intensive that rehearsed and created an entire production in just 2 weeks. Students wanted more than just a summer production, they asked for weekly classes and we were more than happy to create our theatrical home. Venturing now offers classes in acting, improv, dance, musical theatre, stage combat and technical theatre.

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Spark & Stitch Institute

Co-founded by Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh, Spark & Stitch Institute uses brain science to spark understanding and stitches science to practical strategies for raising courageous and connected kids in the digital age. Spark & Stitch offers workshops, online classes, and free resources to better understand kids and teens so you can focus on raising and teaching them.

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School Reform Initiative

The School Reform Initiative (SRI) is an independent, non-profit organization serving thousands of educators and students throughout the United States and beyond. SRI’s mission is to create transformational learning communities, fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence.

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National Teachers Hall of Fame

For so many of us, there is a teacher who we will never forget, an outstanding educator who is making, or has made, an extraordinary impact in our lives or the lives of our children. Many of us might also be looking for a way to express our appreciation to these educators for making such a difference in our lives.

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