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Students must be key stakeholders and collaborators in all of education’s efforts. PSEC supports communities to engage students, empower their voices, and develop their capacity as leaders. Their voices, experiences, and aspirations are critical, and we must provide them opportunity to actively shape their own education experiences.

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Quite simply, our collective goals for education cannot be achieved without the full participation of students.

Only by empowering student voice and engaging students as integral partners in education, are we able to provide students the agency and opportunity to develop the confidence and skills necessary for their future in the 21st century. Most importantly, we also are demonstrating that we value their individual experience and perspective, that we are committed to a diverse learning environment where all voices are heard, and that they can feel safe and supported in being their full authentic selves. In this way, we also ensure that all students are truly seen.
If we do this, we are not only modeling the values to which we aspire, but also are effectively engaging and inspiring students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.  Students have the opportunity to participate in the Pegasus Springs Education Collective as members of the Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow (BOLT) program.
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Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow

Committed to empowering student voice and providing students the experiences and skills necessary to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

Logo of Pegasus Springs Education Collective BOLT program, Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Empowering student voice and engaging students as integral partners

  • Providing opportunity and experiences to develop the confidence, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills necessary for the future

  • Inspiring students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens

Through content and programming, BOLT’s goals include providing a platform for the expression of student perspectives and aspirations, featuring examples of student voice and creativity, and supporting opportunities for students to collaborate with peers in engaging learning experiences.

BOLT at Disney logo
One of the featured programs of BOLT is a three-day learning experience for 3rd through 12th graders, hosted at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The BOLT Leadership Program at Disney uses the Disney theme parks as an engaging and magical classroom. BOLT also partners with Disney’s Youth Educational Series (YES) program to offer students a learning experience behind the scenes at the Disney theme parks. The goal is for students to acquire the building blocks necessary to develop or expand their own leadership skills—and leave better equipped and energized to embrace new challenges, serve their schools and communities, and reach their own personal goals.

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Students at the BOLT @Disney leadership program

“The BOLT program isn’t just a trip to Disney World, it is a thoughtfully constructed and expertly facilitated leadership experience. Our son was the youngest student in the group and he was transformed by it. He went from quite nervous and unsure to confident – both in himself and his ability to try new things and his capacity to build strong relationships. When he got home we joked ‘Who is this kid?’ as he proudly announced that he was ready to try other new things because he is a ‘BOLT kid.’ People talk a lot about the magic of Disney, but in our family we talk more about the magic of BOLT!”

– Parent of a BOLT participant

  • Large group of teenage students participating in Pegasus Springs Education Collective's BOLT student voice program
  • Two students in Pegasus Springs Education Collective's BOLT program for student leadership
  • Students in Pegasus Springs Education Collective's BOLT program for student voice doing a learning exercise with LEGOS
  • Back of student's shirt featuring BOLT program text "building our leaders of tomorrow"