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Brought to you by Pegasus Springs Education Collective

A series of discussions, exploring important topics in education

The Learning Spring podcast provides you access to conversations with educators and leaders in their field, presents opportunities to explore the nuances of important topics, and invites you to integrate new learning into your community.

As educators, we know how important it is to nurture a collaborative culture that is centered on continuous learning not only for students, but also for staff and everyone in our communities.

  • By providing transportation or an additional source of strength, the Pegasus of myth helps others fulfill a mission. And according to legend, “everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring water spring burst forth,” symbolizing for us a renewing place from which to restore and draw inspiration.

The Learning Spring Episodes

  • Episode 1. Listen now!

    Episode 1. Listen now!

    This episode asks us to rethink conventional approaches to school change. Whether it is the role school leaders, classroom educators, or policy and structure - they invite us to consider what deeper and more transformative change looks like, what's at stake if we refuse to engage with it, and practical steps to get there together.
    Episode 1. Listen now!
  • Episode 2. Listen now!

    Episode 2. Listen now!

    This episode invites us to consider how trauma-informed education can transform outcomes for students and educators alike. They remind us that trauma-informed education is not a curriculum, program, or list of strategies. Instead, being trauma-informed is a lens that we must integrate into every part of the teaching and learning culture.
    Episode 2. Listen now!
  • Episode 3. COMING SOON!

    Episode 3. COMING SOON!

    Dr. Tracey Benson and Dr. Crystal Harden-Lindsey on unconscious bias in schools.
  • Episode 4. COMING SOON!

    Episode 4. COMING SOON!

    Dr. Mimi Ito on leveraging today's new media ecology for equitable and engaged student learning.

Of course, regardless of how valuable or insightful the information, we realize that transformation doesn’t happen by listening to a podcast, reading a book, or attending a professional development session. It happens when committed groups deepen their engagement with content, practice, and community over an extended period of time.

Topics, texts, and guests for The Learning Spring are selected to prompt reflection, conversation, and further exploration. Our hope is that the podcast series is a spring for ongoing learning and engagement. The episodes and accompanying readings can be used for a faculty or team discussion, an educator pod squad, or a community of practice.

Below are some ways to deepen your engagement with The Learning Spring . . .


Listen to discussions with thought leaders, educators, and administrators who are committed to reimagining education. Themes in Season One include educational leadership, educational equity, trauma-informed practice, theories of change, unconscious bias, and giving effective feedback.

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We’ve chosen books and articles by our podcast guests that challenge, inspire, and prompt reflection. We invite you to choose readings that meets your team’s needs. We also offer group discussion questions to help your team deepen engagement and perhaps to even examine existing norms through a new lens.

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Meet with your team to integrate new learning into your own context and to explore how ideas might be relevant to your own community or to your current improvement goals. The work is more powerful and transformative when we plan to strategically integrate new ideas into our culture, systems, and practices.