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Pegasus Springs provides collaborative, ongoing support for the learning, aspirations, and inspiration of the entire educational community – and seeks to enhance the collective impact of the expertise and experience of all those committed to our children’s future.

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Five Smart Ways Educators Can Cultivate Positive Relationships with Parents and Caregivers

As we head into the new year, it’s important to revisit some of the main […]

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Leading the “Reinventing” of Schools with Kevin Fahey

An Uncommon Theory of School Change: Leadership for Reinventing Schools is a book “for educators […]

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8 Must-Read Books for Kids

By Laura Warren, Reading Specialist To me, summer reading is the distillation of the essence […]

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10 Summer Reading Recommendations for Educators

It was just several weeks ago that the hustle and bustle of the school year […]

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In 2018, @TheAtlantic published a special issue, commemorating the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination. “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” first published in 1963, was featured in its entirety and available online. #MLKDay2020 #edchat #teachertwitter

Like a towering forest, we reach the heights to which we aspire only by collaborating and entwining the roots of our efforts. #edchat #SchoolCulture #PLCs #EdLeaders

Don’t want to be either too permissive or too authoritarian? How do we find an effective “balanced” approach for guiding kids? See the latest blog post from the Spark & Stitch Institute by @Erin_K_Walsh. #teenbrain #teachers #parenting

Why does the “common” approach to school improvement often fail to yield the impact we desire? Author and educator Kevin Fahey discusses this question in our interview about the new @TCPress book, The Uncommon Theory of School Change. #edchat #principals

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