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    Reconnecting: Supporting Each Other and Our Students

Five 30-minute free online modules to provide schools a foundation for starting the conversation about creating supportive, healing-centered environments for everyone.

This is an unprecedented time for education. More than ever perhaps, it is critical that we work together as learning communities to not only support each other but also to create supportive environments for learning.

For this reason, the Pegasus Springs Education Collective and Spark & Stitch Institute have partnered to offer a free, virtual opportunity for educators. This series of 5 brief modules (only 30 minutes each) focus on how our brains learn, how stress and trauma impact our brains, and how we can collaborate to create healing-centered spaces for learning. By registering, you get access to the modules to view on your own schedule. Session topics include:

  • Our Brain and Learning
  • Obstacles to Learning
  • Self-Care and Collective-Care
  • Trauma-Sensitive & Healing-Centered Practices
  • Navigating the Impact on All of Us

These introductory modules are designed for educators to come together and simply begin the conversation. It is our hope that the sessions will inspire ideas for restorative practices and also spark new ideas for supporting each other and your students.

Join together with colleagues and register today.

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Our Brain and Learning

  • How learning happens / the neurobiology of learning
  • Executive Functioning
  • Stress and the Brain
  • Why is it necessary to allow time for “rest and repair”?
  • What happens to our brains and body during rest and repair?

Obstacles to Learning

  • Trauma
  • The prevalence of trauma
  • ACEs
  • The impact of trauma on the brain, on behavior, on learning

Self-Care and Collective-Care

  • Supporting each other
  • Self and Collective Care
  • Educator Reflection
  • Feelings of safety, risk, panic
  • Protocol / activity
  • Shifting the culture to normalize opportunities for connection

Trauma-sensitive and Healing-centered Practices

  • Creating safe and supportive learning environments for everyone
  • The importance of relationships
  • Nurturing conditions for students to flourish
  • Identity and belonging
  • How do we evaluate our space?