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One in a Million:

Educators Who Make a Difference

For so many of us, there is a teacher who we will never forget, an outstanding educator who is making, or has made, an extraordinary impact in our lives or the lives of our children. Many of us might also be looking for a way to express our appreciation to these educators for making such a difference in our lives.  

Recognize an Educator Today!

The National Teachers Hall of Fame (NTHF), in partnership with the Pegasus Springs Education Collective, is providing an easy and impactful way to bring national recognition to outstanding educators with our program: One in a Million: Educators Who Make a Difference. Our goal is to reach one million names on the NTHF list of outstanding educators, as testament to the profound impact that these individuals and the teaching profession has on the lives of so many of us every day.

Recognizing an educator is easy.

Just complete this online form, and as a National Teachers Hall of Fame “One in a Million” recipient, each recognized educator will be . . .

  • sent a personalized certificate from the National Teachers Hall of Fame
  • included in the NTHF archives
  • listed in the NTHF online “One in a Million” registry, along with your special tribute
  • and given an opportunity to customize a social media graphic with a photo or image for inclusion in the “One in a Million” Facebook and Instagram sites

Who has made a difference for You?

Recognize Your

One in a Million Educator Who Makes A Difference!

Recognize Your Educational Hero

Submit a tribute today and express personal thanks to the influential educators in your life! 

In recognition of this unprecedented time in education,

all submissions received through June 30th will be processed for free.

Thank you for your support in our effort to bring Hall of Fame recognition to members of the most important profession in the country.


If you choose to make an optional donation of any amount as part of this program, your contribution will honor deserving educators and help support the National Teachers Hall of Fame and the Pegasus Springs Education Collective to recognize exceptional teachers, support excellence in education, and preserve the rich heritage of the teaching profession in the United States. NTHF and PSEC are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, and donations are tax-deductible.